Course Description – DP 2 Biology

DP 2 Biology is year 2 of a two year course offered at both the Standard and Higher Level.  Attached to this page you will find information about the course and classroom/homework expectations.  The course is centered around four broad concepts of biology:

  1. Structure and function
  2. Universality versus diversity
  3. Equilibrium within systems
  4. Evolution *

The IBDP Biology syllabus covers all major areas of Biology, including the following:

  1. Biological statistics
  2. Cells
  3. Biochemistry (the chemistry of life)
  4. Genetics
  5. Ecology and evolution
  6. Human health and physiology

Go to the link below to see more information about DP 2 Biology at RAS:

Course Information – DP 2 Biology

* From the Biology Diploma Programme Guide, IBO

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