M3 Unit #1: An Apple a Day

Course Materials

Click on the link above to access many of the unit handouts!


  1. Disease Guided Discussion


  1. Practical: Homeostasis Part I (Jumping Jacks Lab)
  2. Practical: Homeostasis Part II (Student Designed Experiment)
  3. Practical: Bacteria Growth
  4. Mini-Practical: Life in a Drop of Water


  1. Asthma Readings & Questions
  2. Organ System Group Project
  3. Immune System Articles and Questions
  4. Article: Vaccination Exemptions (ars technica)
  5. Human Body Systems – Organ Game


  1. Cell Phone Bacteria – Eww!
  2. Cell Phone Bacteria from BBC – Eww!
  3. NCDs – University of Aukland

Summative Assessment

  1. M3 An Apple a Day Unit Test Review Sheet


  1. End of Unit Reflection


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