Organ System Group Project

Directions: For this project you will have a little over one period to create a presentation with information about a specific organ system.  You will need to include the following:

  1. Information about the organ system
  2. Function of the organ system (what it does in the body, how it works)
  3. Specific organs in the system and the function of each (this should include a map of the body that shows the organs within the system)
  4. Different factors that can negatively impact this organ system (ex: lungs would be negatively impacted by smoking cigarettes because…)
  5. How to keep your organ system healthy, with reference to specific diseases and specific organs

Your presentation should not include text except for labels; you will need to explain all of your information orally to the class.  Your presentation should not be longer than 3 minutes, and each member of your group must speak during your presentation.

Good luck!


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