M5 Unit #1: Feed me now!


  1. Diagrams: Plant Cell Structure & Photosynthesis
  2. Respiration
  3. Cellular Respiration Basics – Review


  1. Practical: Observing Chloroplasts in Elodea
  2. Practical: Chloroplasts – Photosynthetic Tissue
  3. Practical: Effects of Temperature on Photosynthesis in Elodea
  4. Practical: Testing for Starch
  5. Practical: Testing for Glucose
  6. Practical: Respiration in Peas


  1. Why are plants green? – Data Analysis
  2. Limiting Factors: Photosynthesis
  3. Cellular Respiration Tutorial
  4. Cellular Respiration Learning Tool
    1. How Glycolysis Works – McGraw-Hill
    2. Cell Respiration – McGraw-Hill

Summative Assessment

  1. M5 Final Test Review Sheet – Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration


  1. M5 Biology: “Feed me now!” End of Unit Reflection

Course Materials

Click on the link above to access many of the course handouts.

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