M5 Unit #2: Physiology

Course Materials

Click on the link above to access many of the handouts for the physiology unit!


  1. Ventilation & Gas Exchange
  2. Homeostasis Presentation
  3. Thermoregulation Presentation


  1. Practical: Lung Capacity
  2. Practical: Heart Rate
  3. Practical: CO2 Concentration and Breathing
  4. Practical: Controlling Temperature – Maintaining Balance
  5. Thermoregulation in Penguins


  1. Homeostasis Tutorial
  2. The Kidney – Tutorial
  3. Thermoregulation in Penguins – Background

Helpful Videos

  1. Gas Exchange During Respiration – McGraw-Hill
  2. GCSE Science Revision – Homeostasis
  3. Discovery Channel – Thermoregulation in Animals

Summative Assessment

  1. Thermoregulation in Penguins Final Lab Report

Unit Reflection

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