Celestial Phenomena

Directions: For this assignment you are going to be doing independent research into a celestial object/phenomena of your choice.  These are not planets or stars; instead you are going to be looking at some of the weirder things out there!

You will choose one object/phenomenon from the list below and research it.  You will explain it to the class with a short, creative lesson.  You must first explain your object/feature (what it is, what it does, etc), and then you must come up with a creative way to explain it to the class.  You may NOT do a PowerPoint presentation or make a poster.  You will need to hand in a list of sources, although you are not required to cite them in MLA format.

Presentation Choices

  1. Nebulae
  2. Comet
  3. Oort Cloud
  4. Black Hole
  5. Quasar
  6. Binary Star System
  7. Dark Matter
  8. Dark Galaxy

Remember that your presentation MUST be creative – these are tough concepts, and you will need to come up with a clever way to communicate them to the class.

Good luck!  This stuff is really cool, so enjoy the research process!

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