Course Description – Grade 8 Science

Student expectations for Grade 8 Science are based on the RAS Student Handbook, but here are some guidelines for students to follow:

  1. Be on-time and prepared for all class sessions.
  2. Be responsible for assignments and materials.
  3. Come to class with questions and ideas about the material we are studying.
  4. Contribute to class discussions, group and practical work, and engage with other members of the class.
  5. Be ready and willing for debate, dispute, and respectful disagreement.
  6. Seek assistance outside of normal class time when necessary.
  7. Complete and submit all homework and assessments on time – these can generally be submitted electronically unless specified otherwise.
  8. Be responsible for your learning – I will not track you down!  As Grade 8 students you need to understand assignments, assessments and due dates, or ASK if you aren’t sure!
  9. Follow all RAS rules regarding academic honesty and ethical scholarship.
  10. Be curious – Science is based on human beings’ natural senses of wonder and astonishment at the world that surrounds us.  Use that natural curiosity to ask and answer your own questions!

  1. Pens (blue, black and various colors)
  2. Pencils
  3. Your Laptop (Charged!)
  4. Lab notebook (can be purchased at school store)
  5. Graph paper
  6. Lined paper
  7. Caculator
  8. Ruler
  9. Colored pencils
  10. Eraser
  11. Highlighter


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