DP Animal physiology (AHL)

Topic 11: Animal Physiology Revision List

Course Materials

Click on the link about to access all class handouts for the course!


  1. Antibody Production & Vaccination – AHL
  2. The Kidney – AHL
  3. Muscles & Movement – AHL
  4. Reproduction – AHL


  1. Practicals appear in Topic 6: DP Human physiology.


  1. BBC Bitesize Kidney Readings
  2. The Kidney – Tutorial and Animation
  3. Cellular Respiration Articles & Videos
  4. Vaccination and Antibodies – Article
  5. Animation: Histamine Production

Helpful Videos

  1. The Excretory System – Crash Course
  2. The Muscular System – Crash Course
  3. The Immune Response – McGraw Hill
  4. Killing Cancer: Cytotoxic T Cells on Patrol

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