DP Ecology

Topic 4: Ecology Revision List

Course Materials

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  1. Ecosystem Dynamics
  2. Climate Change
    1. Climate Change Feedback – Student Presentation
      1. Climate Change Feedback Oral Presentation Criteria
  3. The Carbon Cycle
  4. Energy Flow & Ecosystem Productivity
  5. Succession

Reverse Lecture

  1. NPP Review & Cellular Respiration Intro


  1. Mini-Practical: Predator Adaptations
  2. Mini-Practical: Prey Adaptations
  3. Animal and Plant Phyla and Ecological Classification Mini-Practical
  4. Population Dynamics – Deer
  5. Ecosystem Productivity Data Analysis
  6. Carry Capacity Mini-Practical
  7. Ecological Sampling Technique Practice
  8. Mesocosms – Practical
  9. Model Ecosystems – Virtual Lab


  1. Applied Ecology Mini-Presentations
  2. Ecological Sampling Techniques
  3. Carbon Cycle Reading – Physical Geography
  4. Measuring Primary Production
  5. Succession Readings

Helpful Videos

  1. Climate Change 101: National Geographic
  2. Climate Change and the Migrant Crisis: Years of Living Dangerously
    1. Reuters: Dozens of Migrants Run Across Border in Spanish Enclave
  3. How do Greenhouse Gases Actually Work?
  4. Three Domains



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