DP Nucleic acids (AHL)

Topic 7: Nucleic Acids Revision List

Course Materials

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  1. Amino Acids and Proteins (AHL)
  2. HL Nucleosomes & DNA
  3. DNA/RNA Diagrams (Core and AHL)
  4. DNA Replication, Transcription & Translation (Core and AHL)
  5. HL Transcription & Gene Expression


  1. Banana DNA Extraction – Mini-Practical
  2. Cheek Cell DNA Extraction – Mini-Practical
  3. Build a Model: tRNA – Mini-Practical


  1. Nucleosome Interactive
  2. DNA The Double Helix Game – Nobelprize.org
  3. Drag & Drop Protein Synthesis
  4. DNA Replication, Transcription & Translation Student Lessons
  5. Transcription & Translation Articles (HL)
  6. What is DNA Methylation?
  7. RCSB Protein Data Bank: Ribosomes & Translation
  8. Post-Transcriptional RNA Modification: Spark Notes

Helpful Videos

  1. Visualization of DNA Replication
  2. Animations of unseeable biology
  3. Overview of DNA Replication
  4. Transcription – Central Dogma Part 1
  5. How DNA is Packaged
  6. Regulated Transcription
  7. Protein Synthesis (Translation) Animation
  8. Nobel Laureate on the Structure of the Ribosome
  9. Veritasium: Chromosomes & Cell Division

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