Course Materials

Click on the link above to access many of the course materials and handouts for the Cells unit.


In class

  1. Cell Theory
  2. Cell Structure
    1. Cell Structure – Student Version
  3. Cell Diagrams
  4. Membrane Structure and Proteins
  5. Mitosis – Lecture Version
    1. Mitosis – Student Version

Reverse Lectures

  1. Cell Basics – Reverse Lecture
  2. Cell Membranes – Reverse Lecture
  3. Mitosis – Reverse Lecture


  1. Microscopes Part I
  2. Microscopes Part II
  3. Mini-Practical: Osmosis Across Cell Membranes
  4. Mini-Practical: Surface Area to Volume Ratio in Cells
  5. Microscopes Part III
  6. Mini-Practical: Cell Membrane Virtual Lab


  1. Cell Organelles Tutorial
  2. Stem Cells
  3. Mitosis & Cancer Article
  4. Extra Info on Mitosis
  5. Biology of Cancer – Presentation

Helpful Videos

  1. Eukaryopolis – Crash Course
  2. Plant Cells – Crash Course
  3. Mitosis and Cytokinesis – McGraw-Hill


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