M4 Unit #1: Genetics & Biotechnology

Course Materials

Click the link above for access to course handouts for the genetics & biotechnology unit!


  1. Mendelian Genetics
  2. Blood Work – M4


  1. Practical: Inherited Traits Survey
  2. Practical: Extracting DNA
  3. Practical: Cloning Cauliflower
  4. Virtual Lab: Click & Clone Virtual Lab
  5. Practical: Blood types
  6. Practical: Sex-linked Traits


  1. Homework Article: “UK starts study on using human DNA in animals”
  2. Article: “Chinese doctor creates new nose on man’s forehead, ahead of unusual transplant operation”
  3. DNA
    1. DNA Structure: What is DNA?
    2. Build a DNA Molecule
  4. Biotechnology: Cloning
  5. Cell Division
    1. Cell Biology & Cell Division Tutorial
    2. Mitosis & Meiosis Class Handout
    3. Cell Division Animation – McGraw-Hill
  6. Biotechnology Current Events – Article Responses
  7. Genetic Disorders
  8. The Benefits of Sexual Reproduction

Summative Assessment

  1. One World Summative Essay – Biotechnology


  1. M4 Genetics & Biotechnology Unit Reflection

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