Unit 1: An Apple a Day…

Course Materials

Click on the link above to access all of the handouts for this unit!


  1. What makes something alive?
    1. What makes something alive? Notes Sheet
  2. Disease
  3. The Nature of Stem Cells – University of Utah


  1. “An Apple a Day” – Experimental Design
  2. Homeostasis Practical – Jumping Jacks Data Collection
  3. Yeast Practical
  4. Disease Spreading – AIDS
  5. Microscopes Part I – Introduction
    1. Microscope Diagram Website
  6. Cell Membranes – Egg Osmosis
  7. Microscopes Part II – Animal Cells
  8. Microscopes Part III – Plant Cells
  9. Bean Dissection
  10. Plant Growth


  1. Ebola Distribution Map – CDC
  2. Are Viruses Alive? – Discussion Forum
  3. C.E.C: Immune System
  4. Flu Vaccine Campaign (Rubric)
  5. Making Vaccines – Animation
  6. Cell Structure – Animals and Plants
  7. Cell Structure – Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic
  8. Cell Analogy Project
    1. Cell Analogy Poster Rubric
  9. Stem Cell Introduction
  10. Stem Cell Controversy


  1. Introduction to the Characteristics of Life
  2. Cell Phone Bacteria – Eww!
  3. Cell Phone Bacteria from BBC – Eww!
  4. Are Viruses Alive? – DNews
  5. Flu Attack! (How a Virus Invades Your Body) NPR
  6. David Bolinsky – Visualizing the wonder of a living cell


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