Are we all in this together? – Ecology & Interdependence

Course Materials

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  1. Ecosystem Basics
  2. Ecosystem Dynamics


  1. Observing Plant Cells – Practical
  2. What makes an ecosystem?
  3. Field Techniques – Ecological Sampling: Quadrats (Simulation)
  4. Ecological Sampling – Quadrats: Comparing Biodiversity
    1. Quadrat Sampling Data Analysis Rubric
  5. Ecological Sampling – Transects: Biodiversity along Ecological Gradients
    1. Transect Sampling Data Analysis Rubric
  6. Ecological Sampling – Abiotic Measurements


  1. Invasive Species Tutorial
  2. Quadrat and Transect Article
  3. Ecological Sampling: Transects
  4. Endangered Gorilla Article and Questions
  5. Environmental Issues Oral Presentations
  6. Endangered Species – Group Google Site

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